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Indonesia Prima to Sign an SPA with Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan

Indonesia Prima to Sign an SPA with Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan Kredit Foto: Pexels/Sora Shimazaki
Warta Ekonomi, Jakarta -

For the tighter cooperation of innovation, investment and technology between Indonesia, which incubates the most unicorns in Southeast Asia, and Taiwan, an entry of Greater China market, Indonesia Prima and Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan (Rainmaking) announced has signed SPA in December 2021, for connection of each startup ecosystem, under the witness of KDEI Taipei (Kantor Dagang dan Ekonomi Indonesia). 

Indonesia Prima is a business support organization as a development center for exploring, maintaining and leveraging entrepreneurial mindset, skillset and spirit for better life. Indonesia Prima provides continues improvement acceleration for entrepreneurs who are looking for best support for their optimum achievement.

In the launching webinar, Evermos, a typical successful business of Muslim social e-commerce in Southeast Asia, also attended for sharing their stories to the investors and startups from Taiwan.

“With the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia can become the center of the world's halal industry, There are at least two factors, First, demographic bonus which is estimated to reach its peak in 2045. Currently, at least 70 percent of Indonesia's population is of productive age, Secondly, more than 70 percent of Indonesia's population is connected to the internet.

The combination of broad access to information and productive age can become a comparative advantage for Indonesia to continue to be creative in making halal products and promoting them to the outside world.“Said by Budi Santoso, Chief for Indonesia Economic & Trade Office (IETO)

Diah Yusuf, founder and CEO of Indonesia Prima shared her insights of Generation M and the middle class. ”The middle class Muslims consume an average of US$2-20 a day, and the industries with halal-certified food, clothing, makeup and even banking are driving the people to bring huge consumption, generating new services within technology.” There’s the "Indonesia 4.0" roadmap launched by Indonesian government, with the priority of five pillar industries, covering food and beverage, textile and apparel, automobiles, electronics, and chemicals in the 500 cities of the country. “

“It is a very good time for Taiwanese investors and technology tycoons to know the changes and opportunities. Taiwan also can be a convergence with enterprises for Japan and Greater China, with the SPA. “Said by Josie, a project manager for international business of Rainmaking.    

Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan is a global digital and innovation consulting company found by a group of entrepreneurs. We came together to use our experience to build impactful businesses and in the years that followed, our mission and objectives are to help other founders grow and scale globally.

Ilham Taufiq, a cofounder of Evermos, which was founded in 2018 and finished their series B fundraising of 30 million USD, serving more than 70,000 dealers across the Indonesia, shared the trends of Muslim business, attracting the high attention of Taiwanese investors and business owners. 

Through the platform of Indonesia Prima, more and more Indonesian startups will plan to go overseas. "And Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan will be an important partner for the network of Taiwan" Said by Diah. “So, i believe the collaboration between Indonesia Prima and Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan will create many good impact for both country especially to strengthen entrepreneurship and this, of course, to support Sustainability Development Goals - SDG, number 17 Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development” add by Diah.

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Editor: Lestari Ningsih

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